Product Auto Control Of Smart Building Exclusive Controller

Fume Hood Controller

The fume food control system is the system to control the exhaust wind volume to maintain certain surface speed by measuring the surface wind speed of the fume food in the lab in order to protect the researchers from toxic chemical substance, radioactive substance and contagious pathogen and others used in the lab.

Subject of application : Universities, labs of academic-industrial institutions, medical facilities, life science and pharmaceutical labs
System configuration
Major characteristics
  • Consistent surface wind speed control for the safety of experimenting persons
  • Efficient integrated management in the central management system with the fume food condition information transmitting by using communication
  • Visual and audio alarm (color change in background following the condition)
  • Simple operation set by the touch method
  • Status information mark through the broad LCD screen
  • Quick response speed by the fast actuator
  • Energy savings by the reduction of wind speed when vacated for a long period of time by applying the access sensor

VAV Controller

The BVCN, BVCB series is the VAV exclusive controller for each zone control of VAV system.

System configuration
Major characteristics
  • Monitoring the wind volume figure supplied to the VAV zone from the built-in air flow sensor
  • Damper operator auto control by the supplied wind volume of the VAV zone and VAV zone temperature
  • Control support of proportional control actuator and On/Off control actuator
  • - BVCN-11, BVCB-11: Support of proportional control actuator
    - BVCN-21, BVCB-21: Support of On/Off control actuator
  • NRT-1000 temperature sensor is connected for temperature monitoring
  • Built-in voltage input port for external transmitter connection or damper operator feedback voltage detection
  • Additional built-in voltage output port
  • Support of digital input port
  • Support of relay output port
  • Support RS485 communication port for upper communication
  • - BVCN-11, BVCN-21: Support the ND BUS communication to use with DDC IO
    - BVCB-11, BVCB-21: Support of BACnet MS/TP standard protocol (B-ASC)

FCU temperature adjuster

The FCU temperature adjuster (TCF series) is the indoor temperature adjuster for controlling of FAN Coil Unit (FCU).

System configuration
Major characteristics
  • 0~50℃ range temperature measurement and LCD display
  • Setting temperature adjustment by user: 10~30 ℃
  • Semi-perpetual use with the operation button that uses the static touch method
  • Support of FAN 3-gear speed control, auto and manual modes
  • FAN protection following the min control time and hysterisis at the FAN auto control mode
  • Support of 2-pipe valve, 4-pipe valve, and 3-position valve control for each model
  • - TCF□□1 : 2-pipe valve control
    - TCF□□2 : 4-pipe valve control
    - TCF□□3 : 3-position valve control
  • Support of energy saving function with the room sensor and keytech connection (TCF2 model)
  • Support of RS485 communication
  • - Lock setting available from the central control room
    - TCF□□N : Support of ND bus communication
    - TCF□□M: Support of Modbus RTU communication