About Us

About Us History
  • 2016
      • Commended for the Award of Minister of Planning and Finance
      • K-Mark (MEGA-B 6000 system) certification
  • 2015
      • Certification and commendation for 'outstanding product designated company' by PPS
      • Acquired ‘direct production confirmation statement’ from Small Business Corporation
      • Acquired patent for auto control device and its control method of full dualization method
        including sensing of abnormality for each unit of control point
  • 2014
      • Awarded for IR 52 Jang Young-sil Award (DDC dualization)
      • Completed overseas BEMS field in Chicago, Detroit, Finland and etc
  • 2013
      • Acquired patent for router and the routing method for building auto control
      • Air-conditioning control system of building auto control based on act and space
        recognizing base and energy saving method
      • Acquired patent for heat source and air-conditioning integrated operation control system
        for saving the building energy
  • 2012
      • Selected for the person with technology innovation merit by the Ministry of KNowledge
        Economy and commended for the Prime Minister's Award
      • Selected for the MEGA system procurement outstanding product and acquired capability
        certification from the SMBA
      • Acquired patent for control method of operating device for building auto control
        equipment in a way of having the stable system operation
      • Acquired MEGA-B system UL certification
      • Acquired MEGA-B system development, CE, FCC certification
      • Acquired patent for the heat pump system for the energy saving-type clean room
      • Certified for safety & health management system (OHSAS)
      • Acquired patent for router stabilization device of the building auto control system using
        the back net
      • Acquired patent for light control system having the override function
  • 2011
      • Selected as the K-MEG detailed managing body in the future leading technology
        development industry by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Resource
      • Acquired patent for non-polarity RS-485 device available for data remittance by the auto
        plate of polarity for the BMS controller
      • Acquired patent for control method of building auto control device
      • Acquired patent for leakage current examination in light facility and power detection
  • 2009
      • Acquired MEGA system BACnet BTL certification
      • Certified for capability by SMBA (facilities, light auto control, actuator, sensor and etc)
  • 2008
      • Multi-tunnel integrated control system and its control method
      • Calculation method of required ventilation volume in the tunnel by using the calibrated
        coefficient of figure function
      • Acquired patent for stable control system of bio clean room
  • 2007
      • Acquired patent for aeration for variable wind volume system and its method
  • 2006
      • Certification of MEGA system GS (Good Software) quality
      • Acquired MEGA system capability certification by SMBA
      • Commended by the Minister of Culture and Tourism
  • 2004
      • Acquired patent for pan filter unit control system
      • ISO 14001 certification
      • Participated in AHR EXPO, Anaheim, US
  • 2003
      • Acquired patent for VICO instrument development
  • 2002
      • Acquired patent for the building automation system
      • Participated in AHR EXPO in Chicago, US
      • Designated as promising export SME by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security
        and commended for the Prime Minister's Award
      • Acquired patent for apartment auto control system
      • Certification for MEGA system, light control, sensors CE
  • 2001
      • Participated in AHR EXPO in Atlanta, US
      • Certification for INNO-BIZ of SMBA
  • 2000
      • CE & FCC certification for valve and damper actuator
      • Acquired building comprehensive auto control and light control system EM certification
      • Certified as a venture enterprise
      • Participated in AHR EXPO, Dallas, US
      • Light & Building in Germany