Business Bio


On the basis of the unique technology, it includes the construction work to structure for the entire system on bio specialized experiment facility in a way of providing diverse certification acquisition services for pharmaceutical production facilities.

University Laboratory Animals (General / Special) Laboratory / Laboratory Animals Breeding / Laboratory
Laboratory equipment system and experimental animal breeding facility
Hospital/operating room facilities
Hospital/operating room air-conditioning facility and sound pressure sickbed facilities
Bio safety equipment and system maintenance
Provision of safety equipment of special experiment facility and maintenance on special experiment facility system
HACCP certified-facilities
HACCP (food and safety management certification base) certification facility and system
cGMP,EU GMP, K-GMP certification business
US, EU, Korea GMP (drug production and QC standard) certification business
Bio-safety sealed experiment facility
Facility and system on bio-safety sealed experiment facility
Bio-safety sealed experiment facility
Experiment animal breeding/lab