Product Auto Control Of Smart Building Central Control System


Central control system

MEGA-NT 2 is the Windows-based building control monitoring SW to support the newest OS of Windows 7, 8, and 10.
With the open-type structure, the independent protocol of Nara Control to support the MEGA protocol as well as the standard protocol in BACnet, Modbus, OPC and others in a way of facilitating not only the building auto control but also in system integration in a way of providing the linked control function between the heterogeneity protocols. In addition, the functions of basic BAS function for control monitoring, record, alarm, schedule, event and others are stably provided.

Major characteristics
  • Linked control and data transmitting between the heterogeneity protocol
  • Under the realistic control monitoring graphics, use the right button of the mouse to call for record, real time, and alarm function
  • Easy registration of the drag & drop method and mass registration by using the Excel files
  • The continuous monitoring function for automatic circulation in certain interval integrated the sequence set forth with the registered control monitoring screen
  • System integrated function to execute other applications or call the web-page (URL) on the control monitoring graphic screen
  • Diverse alarm notice functions of alarm pop-up window, alarm sound, SMS (message alarm), VMS (voice message service) and etc
  • Providing schedule generation and output functions with Excel form of report
  • Acquired TTA GS certification (certification number: 10-0194)


Central control system

MEGA-NT3 is the next generation building auto control and web building control monitoring SW of Nara Control based on the middleware as the first of its kind in Korea.
Unlike the existing server-client-based building control monitoring SW, a number of remote middleware can be linked simultaneously to apply in the super-large field of home and abroad and it is available to facilitate for system integrated, group management and others.

Major characteristics
  • This is the UI and graphic control monitoring screen that applied the recent HTML 5 that it is possible for control monitoring at all times on web and mobile
  • It supports diverse standard objects of BACnet to make flawless connections with other BACnet products at home and abroad
  • Providing the tailored screen for each user
  • User authority editing function with the unrestricted user grade
  • Tree for each user grade to provide the functions of graphic monitoring screen, record trend, alarm record, real time trend, detailed attribute, text control monitoring, URL and others
  • Small monitoring panel function
  • Monitoring screen division and overall screen functions
  • Favorites and continuous monitoring
  • MS Excel, Word, PDF-type report preparation and inquiry functions
  • SMS/VMS/E-mail alarm notice function
  • Acquired TTA GS certification (certification number: 16-0099)

Middle Ware

Integrated auto control middleware

MEGA-MW is the first auto control integrated middleware in Korea and the data is collected and processed through various types of top and bottom communication interface and DB, and it provides the functions of record, alarm, schedule, system joint logic functions, and the auto control system of building is grouped in functional unit or regional unit.
With the modulation design to carry out the functions of upper and lower communication of ,middleware, object pool, DB interface, system joint logic and others, this is the next generation auto control middleware platform of Nara Control flexible and expandable to respond quickly to the demand of customers and IT environment changes.

System configuration
Major characteristics
  • BACnet standard object (ASHRAE 135-2010) base
  • BACnet alarm (EventEnrollment, Notification Class), record (TrendLog), schedule (Schedule, Calendar) object execution
  • Providing standardized top communication interface (SI) (WCF, Websocket)
  • Providing standardized bottom communication interface (NA) (BACnet/IP, MODBUS/TCP, OPC)
  • Quick development through the library of additional bottom non-standard protocol NA
  • Powerful joint logic preparation function through the system UPG
  • Hot-Standby dualization function
  • Connecting on the top with MEGA-Ntechnology, BEMS, FMS application
  • Providing Web-based middleware management UI (System Manager)

FMS G3 - Facility Management Software - Generation 3

Building facility management SW

FMS G3 provides the comprehensive management solution for saving the maintenance and energy expenses as well as improving the convenience, pleasance and stability of tenants to the building and operators as well.
By linking to the integrated system, it provides various monitoring functions of real time and accumulated data and it also provides various control algorithm and optimization forecasting solution for saving the maintenance cost and energy in buildings. For new construction of building and remodelling of building, the facility/energy management SW solution of Nara Control may realize the highest capability with affordable costs.

Subject of application : Any building requiring the facility and energy management of office building, exhibition hall, gymnasium, residential and commercial integrated building, tunnel and etc that operates control center
System configuration
Major characteristics
  • Providing building drawing-based visual information interface support and graphic editing tool on the web-browser
  • Providing optimal operation solution of facilities through advance preventive inspection and court works
  • Providing optimal management plan for purchase/maintenance/abolition of facilities through the work analysis, LCC analysis and other life-cycle examination
  • Providing alarm situation notice and safety guide registration of fire, break in, emergency, power suspension and etc in conjunction with integrated SI
  • Loading Secure OS and V3 server function to provide reinforced security and virus solution