Product Auto Control Of Smart Building Starter

Operator_Valve / Damper operator

NAD16S, NAD16S-14,40

It is loaded on the damper and valve to proportionally control for volume of fluid in air/water/steam and the like to have the air quality appropriately managed to the environment.
The damper and valve of the actuator are applied with the auto setting function within the scope of max operation for 90 and 180 degree to operate with auto recognition without setting the damper orbit or valve stroke.
The axis securing bracket of the damper actuator is the one bolt type with the structure for easy installation and auto setting of axis center that it reduces the stress of the damper axis and actuator.

Type of product
  • NAD16S : Damper operator
  • NAD16S-14 : 14 mm Valve actuator
  • NAD16S-40 : 40 mm Valve actuator
Major characteristics
  • Built-in overload protection circuit
  • Auto recognition of operation range
  • Use of case insulation material

Operator_Valve / Damper operator

Wireless Damper, Valve Actuator

This is the motor-typed wireless actuator that applied the Zigbee pro in the damper and valve actuator to reduce the routes by sending and receiving the voltage and current signals from the data transmission method through the cable line for easy installation.
Each actuator is set automatically for the overload prevention function and range of operation to strive for the safety and management.

Major characteristics
  • AES128 bit security reenforcement
  • Certification of wireless type registration of small power wireless device
  • Support of wireless up to 15 channels & 65,000 addresses