Business Energy


A variety of EMS (Energy Management System) for efficiently managing energy is provided with the solutions and various energy efficiency business is carried out.

Environment and energy management system
For the comprehensive management on environment and energy, the total management system is provided for field examination along with instrumentation device, controller, integrated program and others to carry out the continuous post management.
It provides energy management operation system of diverse types (building, plant, home and others) the integrated operation is carried out with energy production and storage system.
IoT Big Data solution
The artificial intelligence technique is facilitated for energy IoT Big data to make analysis and management on energy data
Energy efficiency business
The energy efficiency business as appropriate to the characteristics for each field is processed in cooperation with subject companies
Cloud-based energy portal
The energy data accumulated for each use and for each region is operated in Cloud-based portal and the saved data is facilitated for the energy data comparison and analysis.
Overall configuration of energy management system

Cloud-based management solution