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  • Nara Control is the top company in the auto control field and this technology-specialized company is growing into a leader of the high-tech field of building energy related industry. Nara Control has the faith in human resources as the corporate value to nurture its human resources on the basis of respect and trust on individuals. The Company simultaneously implements regular hiring and occasional hiring for having outstanding talents to lead the building energy and auto control fields.
Recruitment Time
Classification Regular Employment Year-round Recruitment
Content Regularly implementing annually Supplement when there is shortage of personnel
Time March or October Anytime during the year
  • New employee with bachelor's degree
  • New employee with diplomat degree
  • New employee with high school degree
  • Experienced staff
  • Specialized R&D member
  • New employee as needed basis
Employment Procedure

Place of reception

(ZIP)135-100 13F (Nara Building, 71-22 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul City

Place of inquiry
Work Affairs Team of Management Support Division (02-3440-3000)
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Other Information
  • After the document screening, individual notice will be made for those who are ready for interview.
  • No document submitted will be returned.
  • The screening schedule is subject to differ depending on the situation of the Company.