Product Auto Control Of Smart Building DDC



As the remote control device, MEGA-3000 series and MEGA-B series have the function to collect and analyze the data connected on the lower part without the central control system.
In other words, the Real Time Clock is used to enable the independent Time Schedule control and it is the intelligent remote control device equipped with the function to manage the facility a4 connected to itself. The MEGA-B product uses the open-type standard protocol or BACnet to structure the flexible system.
In addition, the MEGA-B product enables the continuous operation through the CPU dualization function to secure the stability.

Type of product
  • CPU module : MEGA-B307E, MEGA-B307M, M3307
  • Digital input module : MEGA-B310, M3310
  • Digital output module : MEGA-B351, MEGA-B352, M3351, M3352
  • Analog input module : MEGA-B321, MEGA-B325, M3321, M3325
  • Analog output module : MEGA-B341, M3341
Major characteristics
  • High capability micro-processor and large capacity memory
  • Providing BACnet standard protocol
  • Communication line dualization function : Data Line Redundancy
  • CPU dualization function : CPU Redundandary (Hot Standby)
  • Stable control environment by using the real time clock
  • Various I/O points, types, supports and flexible expandability
  • Terminal function dor inspecting the equipment function and program up/download
  • Diverse control logic with the control program
  • Efficient energy management function
  • Perpetual conservation of data at the time of power breakdown