Product Auto Control Of Smart Building Energy Solution System

BEMS, Building Energy Management System

Building energy management system

It provides pleasance and comfortable sense to the residents in building as well as BEMS to have the intelligence to save the building energy to allow the manager to easily carry out the energy management in a way of maximizing the building energy saving effect.

- Open-type protocol available for integrated operation of various systems (BAS, SI and etc) and devices
  (individual air-con, ESS and etc)
- Exclusive screen appropriate for the characteristics of building
- Loading the optimization algorithm and simulator function of the building energy
- Simplification of energy management through introducing the expert system

System configuration
Major characteristics
  • Positive-type building energy management system (Active BEMS)
  • Providing diverse and efficient information and convenient functions
  • Structuring integrated management system of all facilities pertinent to building energy around BEMS
  • Building energy savings guarantee system

FEMS, Factory Energy Management System

Plant energy management system

It monitors the flow of energy used in the plant by systematic and comprehensive ways through the energy instrumentation device and environment sensor installed in the plant, and in addition, the monitored data is saved on the DB to implement diverse analyses on the used energy.
On the basis of the result of energy analysis, the most optimized energy saving operation is carried out in real time on production processing of products manufactured in plant.

System configuration
Major characteristics
  • Structuring energy map for finding out the business energy efficiency
  • - Finding out the status of cooling, heating, air conditioning utility energy use and operation of plant
    - Formulating the energy flow chart through visualizing the trend of actual use of energy in plant
  • Operation of efficient energy through the energy consumption monitoring analysis
  • - Introduction of energy saving device with formulation of rationalization plan of the energy use
    - Formulating system energy leakage point and entire energy efficient operation plan
    - Max saving effect with positive equipment management by facilitating the energy optimal control technique
  • After structuring the FEMS system, formulating the field tailored additional analysis/strategy through the accumulated economic operation operation data-based consulting
  • - Available to formulate the practical max energy saving management strategy as appropriate to the plant field conditions